I am a freelance web and applications developer based in Zurich Switzerland. My experience stems from 10 years of owning and running a digital design company in South Africa. My skills include developing specialised web and app front-end systems including back-end, CMS solutions and games.

Programming is my forte but I am also a qualified graphic designer. Having both design and programming knowledge is a huge advantage when developing front-ends.

I consider challenging jobs a way of furthering my skills and knowledge. Visualising data creatively, developing games and building electronics that interface with apps are concepts that interest me.


I offer complete web and app solutions from design through to front and back-end production. I also have experience working with other designers and developers on projects that require this. Please contact me using the details below if you are interested in any of my services.


  • - HTML5 Standard
  • - CSS3
  • - Javascript
  • - Objective C (ios)
  • - Java (android)
  • - PHP (back-end)
  • - Actionscript 3


  • - jQuery
  • - Silverstripe CMS
  • - Bootstrap
  • - Various Google APIs
  • - Various Social APIs
  • - Titanium Appcelerator
  • - and many more


Chris Green
Am Wasser 153, Zurich, 8049, Switzerland
Mobile +41 78 626 87 70
Tel +41 43 540 66 85
Skype injozi1


This site was developed and designed by myself and is content managed using Silverstripe CMS. All design in the portfolio was produced by Craig Wells and to a lesser extent myself.

© Chris Green 2014

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